Skullcandy In-Ear Headphone (S2DUDZ-040)


Thanks to the extremely easy-to-use design, the Skullcandy pink in ear headphones enable you to tune in to your favourite music instantly. Equipped with a unique neodymium magnet, the Skullcandy in ear bass headphones are capable of reproducing sound with unmatched clarity allowing you to enjoy the awesomeness of rich and realistic audio. From watching movies to listening to your favourite audio track and even tuning in to the FM radio stations, the Skullcandy in ear stereo headphones are extremely handy and allow you to listen music on the go.

Brand: Skullcandy
Type: Wired in-the-ear headphones
Colour: Pink
Stereo sound and enhanced bass
Headset Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000 Hz
Impedance: 16ohms (power on)
Additional Features: Silicone ear cushion material


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