Moshi Vesta Textured Hardshell Case for iPhone X Gray

Moshi vesta textured hardshell case for iphone x gray

Product details
Part code: CLIC-BLO-WD-6P.
Manufacturer: Native Union.

1.Handcrafted and precision engineered wooden case meets Apple requirements to fit your iPhone 6 Plus perfectly.
2.Each case is truly individual thanks to the woods' unique grains and is accented by a slash of color.
3.Cut from solid sustainable American timber – either cherry or walnut timber – and sanded by hand.
4.Surprisingly slim and built to last, it adds strength to your phone without the bulk.
5.It feels as good as it looks.

CLIC Wooden for iPhone 6 Plus

A case as well crafted as your iPhone 6 Plus

Each of these handcrafted and precision engineered cases are completely unique thanks to their individual grains. Made from solid American timber, CLIC wooden is surprisingly slim but built to last. It looks great and it feels great too.

Thinner Design. Stronger Construction. Effortless Style.
CLIC Wooden adds strength to your iPhone without adding bulk.

Handcrafted from Sustainable American Wood
Precision engineered from solid cherry and walnut timber then sanded by hand. Fits your iPhone 6 Plus perfectly.

Each case is truly individual
Every CLIC Wooden has its own distinctive colouring and unique grains, which gains character over time and feels as good as it looks.


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