Case-Mate Sheer Glam Case for iPhone 7 Champagne (CM034684X)

Case-Mate Sheer Glam Case for Apple iPhone 7 CM034684X - Champagne

MacBook Pro models feature the latest dual-core and quad-core Intel processors, powerful all-new graphics, advanced Thunderbolt technology, and new USB 3 ports—giving you everything you need for advanced photo editing, music composition, HD movie editing, 3D games, and more.


Technical Specification:

Next-generation Intel processors
• 13-inch models include Intel nextgeneration
dual-core Core
• All processors include Turbo Boost
technology, which automatically
increases the speed of active cores—
up to 3.7GHz

Faster graphics across the line
• All models include Intel HD
Graphics 4000
• Graphics performance is up to 60
percent faster than previousgeneration
MacBook Pro models

Thunderbolt and USB 3
• One Thunderbolt port supports up to six
Thunderbolt-enabled devices with data
transfer speeds up to 10GB per second
• Thunderbolt is compatible with Mini
DisplayPort adapters
• USB 3 is 10 times faster than USB 2.0
and backwards compatible with
USB 2.0


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