JBL Tempo On-Ear Headphones


The JBL Tempo On-Ear headphones look is non-descript and a bit overly simplistic. They come in a single shade offering. The cans are all black with a burnt orange JBL logo on either earphone. The headphones also feature a fold-flat ear cup design for simple storage. This makes travel via the included JBL carrying pouch, quite easy.

The Tempo On-Ear headphones work with any music playback device supporting a standard 3.5mm connector. They are lightweight and fit comfortably. The padding for the headband is small but cushy. When I first donned the Tempo set, they seemed a bit too tight. But they quickly loosened to fit the overwhelming girth of my head. These are on-ear cans, so they may bite into your ears a bit depending on the fit. For me this was a nonissue, as the cushions proved adequate for more than an hour before I felt the need to adjust them.


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