Why choose Systematix Media?



Service & Support



Established in 1986, we at Systematix Media have established ourselves as India’s leading provider of IT solutions and support services and rated as the Best Apple Premium Partners in the Eastern India.
Headquartered at the heart of Kolkata, West Bengal, we carry a wide range of products from some of the international giants of technology.

We deal with the entire range of Apple products along with related services. Starting from the revolutionary iPods, iPads, iPhones to the stunning iMacs (Desktop Computer by Apple) to performance ridden Macbook Pro and the Mac Book Air and even the Mac Pro for those high-end professional requirements and related peripherals.


Customer service is focal to our business. We provide comprehensive consultancy to our present & prospective customers. We also have a robust after sales support wing for technical queries.

If you are passionate towards technology with a sharp focus on delivering value, we believe we can provide you with a challenging work environment and a rewarding career.