Mili Power Star II External Battery -White Hb-B06-1


Mili Powerbank quite well known in the market POWERBANK in Indonesia, but this is the first time the opportunity to review it. Direct deh love with Mili. Why? Because of this it seems my first time POWERBANK that can charging and discharging at the same time.

Arguably the many POWERBANK ever been reviewed almost nothing can fill the phone and at the same time he was charged. Mili so be very special.

If you want sorted the things I like best is:

– Using lithium polymer batteries, polymer characteristics are lightweight, thin and does not require a long time to recharge

– This is the smallest bank with input power 2A, if you fill this POWERBANK with 2A chargerrecharging the result was fast, only 3 hours.

– Can be charged while filling the phone

– There is a built-in cable, where the cable is quite flexible and long pipihnya, at least do not have to bend the cord excessively

– Can charge 2 gadgets, ie port 1 powered 2A (the built-in cable) and there is a hole with a regular USB 1A power of the USB cable for charging the usual


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