Incase ICON Sleeve for MacBook Air 13″-(CL60557)


One of greatest things about a MacBook air is its portability; the fact that you can carry around such a powerful machine with you at all times without too much effort.However, such a valuable piece of equipment needs to be protected in a proper fashion, so many users decide to wrap their MacBook air up in a heavy, bulky case – in the process negating one of its standout qualities.

On the other hand, a cheap, flimsy sleeve may enable you to take advantage of the MacBook air’s transportable nature, but if you accidentally drop it then you’re unlikely to see your laptop in one piece ever again.

Incase’s ICON Sleeve combines the best of both worlds, offering a lightweight way in which to carry your laptop around, but without sacrificing much-needed protection.

The protection comes from Incase’s Tensaerlite technology, an innovation that provides maximum impact absorption with its lightweight bumper that frames the sleeve. It makes the sleeve feel robust and able to handle most knocks and bumps with ease. The neoprene outer panels make sure that the MacBook is safe from scratches, too.


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