Adonit Jot Mini Turquoise Ball Point iPad Stylus – ADJMT


The Jot Mini stylus is everything great about Jot, just smaller. Inspiration can happen anywhere, and Mini’s stylish pen clip makes it as mobile as you are. The smaller precision disc works great on smartphones and tablets alike. You know what they say about small packages


Jot Ready Apps
An app is Jot Ready when it integrates Adonit’s SDK (Software Development Kit), which adds features like more Precision, Pressure Sensitivity, and Shortcuts. Look for the Jot Ready corner banner on an app’s page so you know that you’re getting the best stylus experience on the market.
Precision Disc
Capacitive screens require a certain amount of surface area to be covered to respond to touch. So the precision disc acts like your finger, except it lets you see exactly where your mark will be made.
Ballpoint Accuracy
The ballpoint makes a finer line than fat rubber tips. It attaches to the Precision Disc, giving you up to a 45 degree writing angle.
Pocket Sized
Fits in your pocket or purse with ease.
Mobile Clip
A fast and stylish way to transport your stylus. Jot Mini is ready to go when you are.
Heavy Metal
Once Jot Mini is in your grip, the quality is unmistakable. The durable aluminum and steel gives Jot Mini superior conductivity and craftsmanship comparable to any luxury pen.
Protective Cap
Twists onto the front to protect the Precision Disc, and onto the back when you’re working.


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