Adonit Dampening Jot Pro Stylus – ADJPDS (Silver)


Simply put, Jot Pro is the best stylus for iPad. The sound dampening tip simulates natural pen and paper contact for a smoother and quieter stroke. The rubber grip provides comfort while the sleek brushed aluminum and steel shines in all four colors. To top it off, it magnetically attaches to your iPad for storage and transport. Jot Pro is the new standard.

Fine Point Stylus
The fine tip gives you accuracy that rubber nibs can t. The precision disc lets you see exactly where your mark is being made. Jot is the most precise stylus on the market.
Dampening Tip
The sound dampening tip simulates the natural contact of writing with a pen on paper. This means your strokes will be quieter when note-taking or sketching.
Magnetic Cling
Jot Pro magnetically attaches to your tablet for storage and transport. *iPad 2 and New iPad only.
Rubber Grip
For more command and comfort.
Locking Cap
The locking cap twists firmly onto the front of the stylus to protect the disc, and onto the rear when you’re working.


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